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1965 Indian Echo
The 1965 Indian Echo is also located here on the website, but for those who want their very own, it is available on CD.  The yearbook was scanned jointly by Bob Burke and Rusty Zoller.  Elyse Lynch Carter graciously loaned her book to Bob for scanning.  Both my book and Elyse's were in very good shape, but with lots of signatures all over the place (sometimes right across faces) so some retouching was done before they were burned to CD. 
1933 War Whoop
That's right folks.... it wasn't even called Indian Echo in 1933.  It was know as The War Whoop (hey, it was 1933 after all).  This "oldie" was kindly scanned and sent to me by Sandi Marie Schmidt.  Only two pictures in the whole book, but one of them is of the old school on Howard Avenue.  Not much retouching on this one since nobody signed them back then (I guess) and it appears to be in very good shape.  It's only 20+ pages big so I can even send it attached to email if you want a copy... or a CD if you'd prefer.
1957 Indian Echo
1958 Indian Echo
1959 Indian Echo
1961 Indian Echo
1962 Indian Echo
This group of yearbooks were graciously loaned to me by Louise Sumner Roberts for scanning and burning to CD.  Not too much retouching on these, but there are some pages missing in a couple of them that were cut out of the books over the years for whatever reason.  Most of these books were harder to scan due to the binding being "sewn in" which kept them from laying flat.
1960 Indian Echo
1963 Indian Echo
This book was the one I missed out on back then.  Very kindly loaned to me for scanning by Georgia Jenkins Menhennett (and I'm forever grateful).  Very small amount of retouching needed for signatures... the book is in excellent condition. 
1964 Indian Echo
My copy of the Indian Echo from 1964... not too much retouching needed for signatures and a very easy book to scan due to the binding letting it lay flat.
The 1960 Indian Echo is scanned and is now ready to go. I decided to stop trying to "retouch" signatures on faces.... it was actually making things worse, so I just left them.  The book was loaned to me by Harold Moberg, Class of '60 who lives just East of me here in "skeeter" country.  Another book with "sewn in" binding that won't let it lay flat on the scanner.... but I got it done anyway.
1950 Indian Echo
1951 Indian Echo
1954 Indian Echo
1955 Indian Echo
1956 Indian Echo
This series of Indian Echoes from the 1950's were loaned to me by Betty Jean Covich Hughes.  She had to borrow them herself and I appreciate the trust from all involved in letting me work with these treasures.  They are now available on CD.  Several of them have pages and/or pictures cut out, but it seems to have been done only to the copies that were kept at the school offices.  Not that big a deal, unless you're looking for the picture of the person that's missing.
Well, that's what has been made available so far... there are some gaps to fill in but I have faith.  I hope to eventually furnish copies of the CD's to the Biloxi branch of the Public Library, so they will be available for research there also, along with Volume One of our class video.

I'm in the process of scanning the following yearbooks:  1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1995, 1998 and 1999.  I had purchased new books from the old school when they were cleaning out a storeroom before moving to the new school.  You can see where the gaps are, so if you can help fill in the blanks, please let me know.

All of these CD versions of the Yearbooks are available for a nominal charge of $10.  If you need volume copies for a reunion, please contact me for discount pricing. 

1966 Indian Echo
The 1966 Indian Echo was loaned to me for scanning by Fred Jenkins, Class of '66.  The book is in very good shape and has the binding that allows it to lay flat which makes scanning much, much easier.  Not that many signatures on faces and very little retouching needed although the hamburger joint ads presented a little of a challenge.  Now available on CD.
1967 Indian Echo
1968 Indian Echo
The 1967 and 1968 Indian Echo's were loaned for scanning by Cassandra Mattina Griswold's sister Phyllis and sent by Cassandra on July 8, 2005.  They have been scanned and are now available.  The books were in excellent shape with flat binding and didn't need much retouching on any of the photos. 
Class of  '65

A CD of the Hi Tides from 1963 through 1965
Volume One of the Class of '65 DVD.

1952 Indian Echo
1953 Indian Echo
Betty Jean Hughes loaned me copies of the 1952 and 1953 books a long while back and I've finally gotten them scanned and on CD.  The 1952 book is a Camille survivor, so it was in pretty rough shape and it will be obvious when you look through it... lots of water and mold spots, but still readable.
1969 Indian Echo
I also have the 1969 and 1976 books available... Cassandra Mattina Griswold made the 1969 book available and Pat Polovich Barlow made the 1976 book available.  Not sure who they borrowed the books from, but thanks to whoever you are.
1940 Crimson Quill
The 1939-1940 Crimson Quill was scanned by Fred Griswold, Cassandra Mattina Griswold's husband and is available on CD.  I don't recognize anybody in there, but you might.
1976 Indian Echo
Yearbooks available now:  1933, 1940, 1950 through 1969, 1970, 1972 through 1976, 1981, 1982, and 1983.

Yearbooks in the works:  1986 through 1988.

Yearbooks needed: 1941 thru 1949, 1971, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1984, and 1985.
The 1975 Indian Echo
is now available.  Thanks
to Ginger Ware for the loan of the book.
1981 Indian Echo
1982 Indian Echo
1983 Indian Echo
1981, 1982, 1983 now available. Thanks to Tina Ross Seamans.
The 1973 Yearbook is now available thanks to Janet Albritton.  The scan was actually a combination of two books, one Janets and the other Holly McFalls, so I could get enough "clean" pictures without signatures.  Two very popular girls.....
The 1970 book is finished and now available.  "New" book with no signatures so I didn't have to Photoshop anything... a huge time saver.
1972 Indian Echo, loaned to me by Mr. Sam Nichols.  Appeared to be a "staff copy" so there were no signatures to clean up.
1974 Indian Echo is now done.  This was another "new" book that didn't need any clean-up work.  One that I bought from the old school pre-Katrina.